The importance of “why”

I met RetailTribe CEO Ian James in 2013 at the PGA Merchandise Show. I didn’t know him, but saw him present, introduced myself afterwards, and have worked under him and for RetailTribe ever since.  You may be asking, “Why should I care?”. If you’re a golf professional, or a content marketer or a business owner, please read on!

Why how what

Simon Sinek “Start with Your Why” TED Talk – please watch this, golf pro brethren.

Watch how Apple mimics Sinek’s structure

In my case, I find golf professionals find it very east to communicate the “what” – a lesson, a driver, a tee time. Seldom is the “why” first – better shots, more distance, increased accuracy, more fun, lower scores….I could go on for a while.

Ian took a very different approach to a PGA Member seminar – one, he wasn’t a golf pro and two, he spoke directly and didn’t sugar coat what he sees as “shortcomings” of PGA Professionals when it comes to marketing concepts and messaging.

So, why do I work for RetailTribe and what is our “why”? 

I get to help my fellow PGA Professionals grow personally and professionally every day and that helps their business and our profession. I get to play a small role in growing our great game, and helping my peers find more success. That’s pretty cool!

Our RetailTribe “why” is that every day, we help change lives, help change the industry and grow the game as a whole – in a time when the golf industry needs to shift gears and move forward. We exist to change the golf world and build golf communities, with the local PGA Professional viewed as the “trusted advisor” and expert.

Big dream and goal? Absolutely.

I want to leave the golf industry in better shape than I found it when I was elected into membership in 1997. I believe we make a difference. We enhance lives. We help grow the game. We help grow communities.

That’s a pretty cool “why”.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rick,

    This post is important to golfers and non-golfers. Your message is universal!


    1. Thanks for checking in Jim. You know I’ll be staying grateful and curious.

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