March was a tease. April is playing February. My daffodils are confused. 

Outdoor lacrosse and soccer practices are pretty damn chilly. But you know what? I do believe warmth and spring seriously is right around the corner!

Who’s going to win the Masters this week? 



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  1. Rick,

    I agree, Spring is just around the corner. I pick Bubba Watson, who do you pick? http://thegratefulgolfer.com/predictions-golf-majors/


    1. Hmmm, I will go over there and register my pick. Thanks for stopping by Jim, I’ve been hibernating, but emerging slowly.

  2. Hi, Rick!

    My daffodils are as confused as I am about “spring.” But, as they say in Chicago, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” This past Saturday, April 2nd acted like an April Fool’s prank. It was cold and windy, but every 10 minutes the sun would come out and then it snowed SIDEWAYS from north to south; lather, rinse, repeat — all day! The good thing is the snow didn’t accumulate on the ground, but there must be a skyscraper in downtown Chicago covered in snow.

    As far as The Masters, I have no idea who will win, but I can safely say it won’t be Tiger Woods.


    1. Hi Leslie! I know about your weather, my sister lived in Lake Forest for 22 years.

      Spring, lovely spring 🙂

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