The Grid Begins for My Kitchen

I’m moving my The Inefficient Kitchen site over to The Grid. The site will be down until at least morning, then I’ll see how she’s working.

I’ve waited over a year to do this, and am founding member 49,742 (I think).

I have no idea what is going to happen, what it will grow into. I’m intrigued and very curious as to how my little site will grow.

Come grow with me. I’d love to hear and share your stories about your food, your music, your kitchen.

Yes, food please

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  1. Rick

    Why the change?


    1. Hi Jim – something new, different. Curious about the infancy of AI and wanting to see what it’s all about!

      Plus, I couldn’t stand looking at my GoDaddy site any more 🙂

      1. Well that explains it. I look forward to your new articles.


      2. Always appreciate your visits JIm! Should be fun. I’ll stay somewhat active over on WordPress, but I’m just not playing any golf!

  2. Best of luck! I cant wait to see what the site is all about. No golf? Really? Nice to be in touch again!

    1. Hi Leslie, thanks for the visit! Yes, this Grid site is all about food 🙂

      Golf will still be at MindBodyGolf on WordPress, but I’m not playing at all 😦

  3. I’m not familiar with The Grid, so I’m as excited as you are about how it will work. I love your ability to have no fear (as far as I know!) as you try new things. I always look forward to reading your blogs, whether they’re about golf, food, music, family, or life in general, because you’re so talented at all you do, and, on top of all that, you’re an exceptional writer. I’m sorry you’re not able to play golf right now, but I’m hoping you will in the near future.

    1. Oh Leslie, that’s so nice of you today, and thank you 🙂 is coming along, interpreting my posts I suppose for “feel” and “texture”.

      I’m pretty happy with it. As for my willingness to try new things, I’m pretty down with stuff that piques my interest!

      I’ve been taking a break of sorts writing-wise though, along with golf. Soccer season has been in full gear since August and is coming to an end. I’m sure there will be new food to discuss with winter setting in, you know?

      Thanks for stopping by, I always appreciate the feedback, you’re very kind 🙂

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