My 1000th Post to The Grateful Golfer

Jim is a wonderful person I’ve met through the wonder of blogging. We share a common love of golf. Jim tells a great story.

He writes well. He’s passionate about his game, the relationships he builds and the process of improving.

Check out his blog, you may just learn something.

The Grateful Golfer

Today is an amazing day. This is my 1000th post to the Grateful Golfer. I started this blog exactly 1654 days ago and never thought it would last this long. I have written aboutall kinds of golf topics and believe that the information provided has improved over the years.

I thought that on this special day, it is important to retellmy story and re-confirmthe goals behind The Grateful Golfer.

Golf is an amazing sport that has secret healing powers! It is a sport that provides that rare opportunity for self-improvement, personal growth, and introspection all at the same time. After 40 years, I continue to learn new aspects of the game and my life every time I tee it up.

In 2009, I was diagnosed with cancer and started the most important journey of my life. Fortunate to have my wife (who is also my best friend) by my sideā€¦

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  1. Rick,

    Thanks for the very kind words! I am grateful we connected.


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