How Far Does a Soccer Ref Run During a Tournament Day?

I’m 18 months into reffing youth soccer matches here in Bucks County, PA. I’ve enjoyed the continual process of learning about the Laws of the Game in match situations. The game is so different from U8 level up through U16 (my experience so far) in terms of skill, speed and yes, aggression!

One question I am asked often is, “How far do you run in a typical match, and do you get tired?”

The answer is, it depends. U8 – U12 matches are played in smaller fields and have smaller sides (7v7 or 9v9). 

U13 moves up to 11v11 on mostly “full size” fields. You’re looking at an average of 100 yards long and 70-80 yards wide, so a lot of distance to cover during a match. 

Here’s my tally from 6 matches from last Sunday at the Deep Run Soccer Labor Day tournament – 2 middle refferee assignments and 4 assistant ref spots (AR).

A good day of exercise!

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  1. Rick

    That is pretty amazing! Who would of thought?


    1. I’m amazed every week at the fitness level of my 2 girls…their trainings are intense. The players run a crazy amount.

      The refs? Hopefully, you don’t EVER think about us. My job is to make sure players are safe and the Laws of the Game are enforced. Other than that, I shouldn’t be noticed 🙂

      Thanks for popping in Jim, always appreciated.

      1. Rick

        Great to see you writing.


      2. Thanks man – need to commit again 🙂

  2. Betty B Tornatore says:

    Wow… your A1c will be great!! Good info.😁

    Sent from my iPhone


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